Professional Writing – Formal Proposal

  • Introduction
    1. Intro

            Today all around the globe, temperatures are rising, seal level is steadily creeping up, and most of the incredible natural beauty is in retreat. While our generation takes these assets for granted, the reality is there is a real possibility that by not acting aggressively that our lives could be changed forever and not in our benefit. With all that said, this allows E227 Global Solutions the opportunity to begin looking toward a brighter and cleaner future where not only our children will be able to live and play happily, but generations to come will have the same opportunities we have all been granted with.

The time is now to begin reducing our carbon footprint by 25% in the next year in order to not only become a more fiscally sound business, but to show our fellow human beings that we care about the environment as much as they do. In order to make this happen, we have begun research looking into brilliant methods that will establish as us leaders in an industry that all businesses will all eventually be catching up to. The three methods we will present you with go as follows: solar energy to reduce electricity, paper/waste reduction, and focusing on green power.

By exercising these options not only will we be reducing our carbon footprint upward of the 25% we anticipate, we will be saving immense amounts of money that will be able to be put into future projects and continue to hire more employees that are held to the same E227 Global Solutions standard. This strategy to go green will not only impress the public and increase our image, but we will be reaping the benefits of lowered operating costs all while doing something to preserve our natural environment. These solutions that are about to be presented should be taken into heavy consideration.


  1. Background of the problem

It has come to our attention as of late that this company has become rather wasteful in how it operates. Employees are operating old technology such as computers and continuously leaving them on when they leave for the weekends increasing our energy costs. Paper is being bought and used at an all-time high rate, and we are merely absorbing the cost of others inability to conserve. This is the time to begin implementing 21st century business standards into a business that is still operating like it is stuck in the 20th century.

As a global business we possess a duty to the society and world we work in to become efficient as many others before us have become and many will after. E227 Global Solutions has been fortunate to operate in the treacherous conditions of business and become who it is, but now we owe it the world around us to begin these changes. I have spent some time consulting with the research team and the solutions they have offered have taken cost into strong consideration, and we are certain that within the next year we will already be seeing the positive effects of this decision.


  1. Statement of Purpose

The purpose of this proposal will be the problem/solutions of why our company E227 Global solutions should go green. Will we go over cost, benefits, and any underlying issues we may face by choosing this particular option.


  • Sources and Methods


The option that our company, E227 Global Solutions, wants to implement is energy savings. By informing our employees to turn off all electrical components in order to save electricity. We will also be upgrading our equipment like our lights and our old AC machines. By upgrading all the lights to have LED in the building would be a great way to save electricity. By getting rid any of our old machines we will be able to lower our carbine footprint. We have also researched This will be the best option out of the four options because the company will be able to lower the carbine foot print more sufficiently.

The following sources are what we have used in our research. Each are credible sources, the first source on the list is a book providing us with a lot of knowledge in order to provide a well-structured report. Stating that we can chose to communicate with another company in order to lower our carbine foot print. The second source describes how the use of electricity is broken down. The third source include lots of facts in which we can easily implement that with in our report as well as our company. The fourth source shows the new product in which our company will be implementing so that we can save energy. The fifth source are statistics in what appliance waste energy while they are turned on. The sixth source describes the advantages for using LCD. The seventh source is about how we can implement solar panels so that cost go down seventy-five percent and brings performance up by fifty percent. The eight source is about the average electricity usage per square foot by community are in Chicago. The ninth source is about how a company that replaces heat pumps and how they are beneficial as well. The tenth source shows LG monitors and their cost for each one. The eleventh source shows an exact cost for a 19 inch desktop monitor. The twelve sources describe the exact cost of solar panels. The thirteen sources is about the exact cost of solar panels installments on a house. The fourteen sources is describing AC units and heat pumps that are energy efficient from a company named GE. The fifteen source shows three heat pumps in which also include a description for each one. The sixteen sources show the Carrier Infinity Series heat pumps that include Green Speed Intelligence.



  1. Swallow, L. (2009). Green business practices for dummies.


  • Report Organization

            The three parts that our report will consist of are Solutions/Benefits, Costs, and the conclusion. Each part plays an important role of this report. It shows in detail the important factors that lead into in deciding which option would be the most sufficient. In Solution and Benefits we will be presenting each option. Which will be Energy Savings, Waste Management, Green Power, and Saving Paper. In the first option Energy Savings, we will describe how we are going to save energy.

Our companies have looked into the follow options in order lower our carbine foot print which are:



  • Option 1: Energy savings- Describing How we are going to save energy
  • Option 2: Waste Management and Recycling- Describing how are go to properly get rid of our waste.
  • Option 3: Green Power – Describing how our company can be more environmentally friendly.
  • Option 4: Saving paper- Describing how our company can properly recycle our paper.


  • Solution and Benefits
    1. Office Improvements – Energy Efficiency

Nowadays it is just impossible to enter in a room and do not see an electronic device plugged in the wall, lights turned on everywhere, Air Condition or Heater on, charges, and several others electronics devices. This is the simple reality we all live today. But, the one thing we do not see when we enter in the room it is the facility required to deliver all that power to our electronics. According to the 2013 ComEd Environmental disclosure statement, the largest electric utility in Illinois, coal-fired plants, followed by nuclear plants, are the main power sources in the U.S. Those two sources of energy offer a high environmental risk. Furthermore, deploying a long-term energy conversation plan for our offices would reduce our carbon footprint, and provide considerable savings in our energy utility bills.


  1. Waste Management and Recycling

Another good point to work on is waste management and recycling. Any place with a group of people generates waste, and most part of the waste generated is recyclable. Most of our waste it is made of materials that are slowly running out in the world or it is a waste that presents some kind of environmental impact. Recycling not just saves our environment of this dangerous waste, but also it generates jobs opportunities for many citizens.

Recycling it is not the only part of this option. Just managing the waste generated by the offices is not enough.  We also have to work on in the source, which is the amount of waste generated by the office. Many things as water bottles, plastic bags, Styrofoam boxes.


  1. Green Power

Green power is one more alternative to reduce the amount of energy used from the big nuclear or coal-fire power plants. As the first option, energy savings, this option focus is reducing the amount of energy drain from those not environmental friendly plants, but instead of working on the devices that drains the energy we would be generating our own energy. There are some recent alternatives for generating green energy such as solar panels and wind power. There are several benefits that this option brings as well, such as if we generated more energy than we use we could sell this extra to the energy company.


  1. Saving Paper

Paper is made from trees, reducing the amount of paper would direct reduce the environmental impact our company causes. Trees play an important role in our environment by increasing the air humidity, preventing soil erosion, recycling water and controlling the amount of pollution in the air. By saving paper we would be saving the environment, and helping to keep the small portion of our forests, just 5% of what remains (Green Facts, p. 4).


  • Best Option

After an intensive research in each one of the options, we decided to go with option 1, Energy Efficiency. This option is the option that presents the best costs vs. benefits in the long run, as will also increase our savings with energy bills. All other options could also reduce severely our carbon footprint, but comparing the downsides of each of them we should go with option 1.

Waste management is a big thing, but in order to waste management and recycling works we would need an additional staff to handle with this waste, separating all waste generated, controlling products bought by the office, and working with the local recycling company.

Green power is something new; many companies are trying to generate their own energy by trying to use wind power or solar panels. The problem with wind power and solar panels is the amount of energy generated by those technologies. Those technologies does not generated enough power for sustaining a whole office, they would generate just part of the energy, and the other part would be pulled from the coal-fired or nuclear power plant. An installation that would sustain the office would use an extremely big amount of space, and we would still be dependent of the weather. In a windless or sunless day we would have to use the standard power source. Saving paper is another great thing to do, but this option does not present a good feedback in the long run compared to being Energy Efficiency.

For last, being Energy Efficient would require an initial investment as any of the options require, but this initial invest would pay him self in the long run with savings in utilities bills. In addition this solution is autosuficient, it would not change the company workflow or it would require hiring an additional staff.


  • Costs

Going Green is a great way to reduce our carbon foot print on our planet and can also come with additional perks by saving us money on electricity by replacing any old appliances to energy star or installing L.E.D lights and getting rid of the florescent and new monitors of less energy consumption But these options of course come at a cost. Green appliances such as energy star brands like LG and GE make monitors, heating and cooling systems, even L.E.D lighting, microwaves, and refrigerators for the break room, lighting monitors so when no one is present in a room lights shut off automatically replacing all of these appliances will cost up to  LED Samsung LED Essential T8 – 4000K florescent replacement $12.99 while buying in bulk a piece while replacing 63200 lights the cost will be $820,968 According to ( and a sales rep from (Samsung) which in comparison An Incandescent light uses approximately 3285 kWh/year, which sums $574 dollars for a single light bulb on for one hour – considering the current energy price in Chicago, 1kW costs $0.17 cents. A LED light uses approximately 329 kWh/year resulting in $57 dollars for the same period of time. For computer monitors we can use new computer monitors instead of the old monitor we have that consume 638.3 KWh which runs up to $59.32 a year When we Can use LG Electronics 19″ Smart Energy Saving LED Desktop Monitors with 54.6 Kwh Power which consume $6.84 year are 100.10 dollars apiece but when buying in bulk it cost 89.60 according to (Full Compass) and “LG”.  we will need to replace around 1400 which will come up to be $125,440.Central heating and cooling system is better than having offices with ac boxes which can consume more electricity due to amount of units needed which is an estimated 36 which one unit uses 670 kWh which can add up to $1284 a year per unit in total it will come to be $46,224 a year, if we used is a “5 ton Infinity® Heat Pump with Green speed Intelligence” and it cost $4,598 According to (WEBHVAC) with installation we will need 2 which is $9196.00  in order to cool down and conserve more energy 2 of them will ensure equipment from breaking down and maximum performance and with its  Green speed Intelligence just set a temperature and it will know when to cool or heat in a green manner the total cost of doing this will be 830289.44 but it uses 2604 kWh which is $5004 a year which is $10,008 a year in total which we save a total of $36216 every year making this an even better method. Automatic wall plug monitor can help us save a lot too but it depends on the work hours we set to our employees as a central monitor controls all of the lighting to power systems in the building this can be set to turn off any lights that it sees no ones in also can turn off any unused appliances that do not need to be on but of course this can be programmed manually and one can set certain time when things will turn off and on, according to (Belkin) there WeMo® Insight Switch which cost 59.99 per unit but in bulk 41.89 one per wall switch thus we will need around  65 in total of $2722.85, this can be our solution in order to automatically turning off unused appliances and also only uses Monitor your electronics’ usage/cost and receive custom notifications  Put your electronic devices on a schedule or have them respond to Sunset and Sunrise but this again will save us at least 65 % of our energy consumption by turning off anything unused but it depends on usages so be saving around 19694 kHw a month which adds up to $37,812 back in our pocket every year. According to (NVOCC) shipping specialist in order for us to ship out appliances to Indonesia the total cost will be 21,348.91 the invoice will be displayed below. Replacing old appliances to green appliances will be best to reduce our carbon foot print by consuming less energy and this will also save us money both here and our branch in Indonesia the total amount will add up to $1681927.79 for appliances here and also transported to our Indonesian branch. Over time as the graph show below we will be saving lots of power while also cutting our electric bill by more than half and also saving the branches lots of money by doing this change.


With old appliances used and not turning off any appliances I have come up with the cost of electricity in green. In purple while using the new appliances plus turning off any unwanted wall switch we can save even more electricity and money over the year while using less energy consumption.





The reason for the cost of LED being do high the florescent lighting system has 2 lights in each case in thus causing more lights to be replace.



R A T I N G    D E T A I L S
Ocean Container Rates from Chicago To Jakarta (Indonesia)

Total Volume Weight 32000 lb or 14515.1 kgs.

Freight (BUILDING & CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS) 20′ Container $1,777.00 4 $7,108.00
Bunker Adjustment Factor [BAF Charges] 20′ Container $120.00 4 $480.00
Freight 40′ Container $1,987.00 4 $7,948.00
Bunker Adjustment Factor [BAF Charges] 40′ Container $170.00 4 $680.00
Warfage 14.52 MT $2.90 $42.11
Bill Of Lading $50.00
Drayage to Loading Area

(11 – 50 Miles)

$520.00 8 $4,160.00
Fuel Surcharge $1,580.80
Shipper’s Declaration (Over $2,500.00) $830,289.44 $50.00
Allowance for Industrial Goods $150.00
Less: Online Allowance $600.00
Total US $21,348.91




  • Conclusion
    1. Recommendation

After intensive research, we strongly recommend Option 1 – Energy Efficiency. When we replace a single pane window in the building with an energy-efficient one, the new window prevents heat from escaping in the winter, so we save energy by using our furnace or electric heater less while still staying comfortable. In the summer, efficient windows keep the heat out, so the air conditioner does not run as often and thus we save electricity.

When we replace an appliance, such as a refrigerator, or office equipment, such as a computer or printer, with a more energy-efficient model, the new equipment provides the same service, but uses less energy. This saves us money on your energy bill in the long run with little to no maintenance, and reduces the amount of greenhouse gases going into the atmosphere.


  1. Conclusion

The team has unanimously chosen Energy Efficiency with good reason. With all the other options at weigh, we are confident that we have made the best decision in choosing Option 1.  The advantages of Energy Efficiency are significantly more favorable in our case being that it not only conserves more energy; it also saves us money and manpower. In comparison to the other options, we strongly believe that we have chosen the most impactful option for the greater good of our company. For further questioning and information please feel free to contact us at:


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