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Solving a Managerial Crisis at Driscoll: Tim Should Take a Chance with His Rookie


Managers and team leaders are often faced with a myriad of challenges in their daily tasks. They have to find a solution if they will be successful leaders in their companies. In the case of Tim and Kristen, both business leaders are facing difficult choices: Tim must choose between Allesandra and Kristen for the time-compressed casino project; and Kristen must convince her team to sacrifice their vacations in the interest of the company, or risk losing her position. The memo details the real problems and puts forwards recommendations to solve the issues.

Case Overview

To start with, Tim is not the best manager and company leader. Considering the conversations between Kristen and he, it is easy to notice that he fails to communicate productively with his junior manager, Kristen. For example, he does not clearly answer Kristen’s questions regarding the timing of the project. He only introduces the project and says that he trusts her to get her team to execute it. It is also noteworthy that Tim accepted a major project which needed to be implemented in a strict timeline, without consulting his team. Clearly, Tim’s focus is on the task, and has little regard for the feelings and thoughts of his juniors, including Kristen. He has accepted a project but, interestingly, he wants to delegate it to someone. In other words, he does not want to be part of the solution, yet he is quick to judge Kristen’s inability to get her team to work. Perhaps this is one reason he could not get along with the more aggressive Allesandra.

Allesandra is talented and has a way of motivating her team into action. She would possibly find a way to get this major project executed within the given timeline. She has done it before, so she is experienced. In contrast, Kristen does not appear to be as aggressive as her predecessor. However, it is worth noting that the challenge she faces is real: she had approved her team members’ vacations and all of a sudden she is asking them to forget it. The reason her team members are unwilling to make sacrifice for the team is perhaps because she has not cultivated rapport with them. Apparently, they do not see her as one of them. Instead, they perceive her as someone they have to listen to.

Solving the Problem

To solve the problem, it is recommended that Tim gets his hands dirty and leads by example. To this end, he should call Kristen and her team to a meeting. He should then clearly explain the importance of the project at hand, and why it needs to be completed. He should also explain company policy in such times as this. In so doing, Tim must demonstrate strong communication and interpersonal skills so as to convince his juniors to make sacrifices. He should not sound as if he is forcing or threatening the employees to take up the project. For instance, he can make compromises, such as agreeing to make up for the lost holiday time once the project is completed, besides other motivators and rewards that are appropriate in line with the company’s policy. This way, Tim would be able to get the team to execute the task. This would be good for the clients and the company: client needs would be catered for, and Tim would have created precedence in his firm as far as teamwork and sacrifice is concerned.

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While the option of hiring Allesandra is attractive as it would ensure that the job is executed properly, it can be detrimental to the company for the future. Kristen and her team would possibly feel sidelined. This could affect execution of future projects, which can badly impact on Driscoll. Such a move can also demotivate employees, including the possibility of talented staff leaving the firm. This is so especially considering that apparently, one of the reasons Allesandra left the company was because she was not getting along with Tim, then her boss.


In conclusion, Driscoll is facing a managerial and teamwork crisis. Tim is failing as a manager, while Kristen needs to do better to cultivate and maintain rapport and teamwork among her team members. Instead of hiring Allesandra, Tim should lead by example in helping Kristen to get her team to work. He should take a chance with his rookie.